Mountain Travel Sobek (such as A & K and other experiential tour companies) they either charter or book a group of cabins on scheduled cruises with cruise lines that suit their destination and expected experience.

Many cruise lines are listed separately on Denver Travel's site by the name of the Cruise Company's Name and ship.

Where the cruises may be booked outside of using Sobek, you will not experience their pre and post land touring nor their experienced guides, naturalists and escorts who can make the trip more gratifying. 

Some cruises Sobek offers:

Aqua and Aria on the Peruvian Amazon

La Pinta in the Galapagos

Tucano on the Brazilian Amazon

Via Australis around Patagonia

Akavadmik Sergey Vavilov & Akevadmik Antarctica to Antarctica

Each cruise line may be booked independently with Denver Travel yet always consider land arrangements pre and post which can, with MTSobek and other adventure companies we represent make your experience exceptional. Let Denver Travel help you decide the right company for you.  


Contact: or (303) 504-0400 - USA & Canada (888) 321-0103. International Calls Welcome.