MS Amadeus Princess

Length: 361 ft/110 m
Crew: 40
Cabins: 78/ 2 suites
Built: 2006

MS Amadeus Silver

Length: 443 ft/135m
Crew: 40
Cabins: 77 /12 suites
Built: 2013

MS Amadeus Elegant

Built: 2010
Length: 361ft/110m
Cabins: 67/ 9 suites
Crew: 40

MS Amadeus Diamond

Built: 2009
Length: 361 ft/110m
Cabins: 62/ 12 suites
Crew: 40

MS Amadeus Royal

Built: 2005
Length: 361 ft/110m
Cabins: 68 / 4 suites
Crew: 40

MS Amadeus Symphony

Built: 2003
Length: 361 ft/110m
Cabins: 69/ 4 suite
Crew: 40

MS Amadeus Silver II

Built: 2015
Length: 443 ft/135m
Cabins: 72 /12 suites
Crew: 40

MS Amadeus Brilliant

Built: 2011
Length: 361 ft/110m
Cabins: 37 /9 suites
Crew: 40

Itineraries: Multi-cultural guests cruising multiple itineraries from Danube, Rhine, Rhone, Saone, Main River cruises

Cabins: The cabins on each AMADEUS vessel are on the outside of the ship and are stylish, elegant, and spacious. The tastefully furnished 161 sq ft cabins offer guests a modern hotel room with TV, adjustable air-conditioning, telephone, and bath with shower/WC. Almost all the cabins have large panoramic windows with French balconies, affording incomparable views of the charming landscapes along the river banks. The same applies to the elegant AMADEUS suites on the Mozart deck, whose occupants enjoy a superb 236 sq ft of space.


Taste everything that the landscapes, regions, and adventurous head chefs can offer you in the way of carefully composed menus and local specialties. The kitchen team combines its love of cooking with its goal to present you with modern haute cuisine tempered with a classical approach to food.

Meals are served with selected wines that go perfectly with each dish. You will see for enjoy how each plate that leaves the kitchen is a work of art that waiters know just how to place in front of you with panache. Dinner is the crowning glory of each day of the cruise.

Travel brings people together. You will enjoy traveling over land and water with like-minded people.

When all is said and done, getting to know other interesting people is one of the very special sources of pleasure that spring up for river cruise passengers.

Watch the river from your window, revealing charming landscapes and unfolding more and more unforgettable places. Meanwhile you just sit back in relaxation.

All of the bright, spacious cabins have unrestricted views of the scenery through wide, glass panoramas. Many cabins feature a French balcony (sliding glass windows) that spans the width of the cabin.

Some include a full outside balcony.

Fares: from $1845 Per Person, seven nights

European River Cruise Rating

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Luftner (Amadeus)
*****   Tauck River Cruises (All-Inclusive)
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Scenic Tours (All-inclusive)
****   AMA Waterways (All-inclusive)
***   Avalon Waterways (All-inclusive)
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